BWToolkit 1.0.2

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BWToolkit 1.0.2 is now out with some added functionality. The selectable toolbar has some new methods for setting its selected item, which is useful if you want to display the window with a certain tab selected, or want to select a certain tab from within another tab. You specify which item should be selected by passing in the item identifier, which is a unique, non-localizable string.

To make this process simpler, a new item has been added to the plugin to allow you to easily specify a toolbar item’s identifier in Interface Builder. This item can be used with standard toolbars as well as selectable toolbars.

As for other improvements, the size of the framework bundle has been reduced by 40% by using Apple’s TIFF compression instead of Adobe’s and a few bugs have been fixed. See the release notes for details on the particular bug fixes.

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